Thursday, 22 December 2016

Another Time, Another Place. Take a peep. Receiving excellent reviews via Goodreads

 Another Time, Another Place 


Ann leaves home to escape her strict parents but, unfortunately, finds herself in a far worse situation with a controlling boyfriend who is a speaker at the local Spiritualist Church. He makes her life unbearable. Can she find a way to leave him and set up a business teaching tarot cards?
Previous to Ann leaving home she had experienced a time lapse and found herself living a life as a clairvoyant in 1965. Will she discover the reason for her living this past life?

Sue’s husband tragically dies after two weeks of married life. To earn her living, Sue works the psychic fairs as a clairvoyant. She believes in life after death and is desperate to contact her husband through a medium.
A doctor visits her for a tarot card reading but to her dismay he becomes dependent on having readings, almost on a daily basis. At times, Sue feels as if he is taking over her life.
Packed with mystery and intrigue, Another Time, Another Place will hold your interest to the very end.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

The Haunting Of Kate Somner

After a reading from Gary, a clairvoyant, Kate Somner’s life changes forever.
Her husband Ben disappears in unusual circumstances.
She loses her job,her home, and her friends.
As if all the above isn’t bad enough, Kate begins experiencing time slips which take her back to the 1960s. Here, she “sees” Sheila, who is living in the same flat that Kate now lives in. Is there a connection between the two women?
Kate revisits Gary, hoping that he will be able to help her.
Will Gary help Kate find her missing husband?

The House of Psychics

Alone and pregnant after her husband deserts her, Dee Winster vows to make a success of her life.
She starts a psychic consultancy but soon realises that beneath its calm exterior, jealousy and scheming abound.
Dee has a secret she is reluctant to share with anyone—that is until David, a spiritualist medium and past-life therapist, joins her team and befriends her.
Will David prove to be a trustworthy and helpful companion for Dee to share her secret with? Will she solve the problems that threaten to destroy her company?
The House of Psychics is a novel of mystery and intrigue with many unexpected twists and turns.