Sunday, 18 October 2015

Spirits of the Lights a novel of love and time travel


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The sequel to Dancing with Spirits. It can be read as a stand alone novel.
Spirits of the Lights

Elvaennia discovers that the path to finding love is not easy when a misunderstanding between her and her lover Deimuiss leads him to travel to the 21st century, leaving Elvaennia behind in prehistory with Mark, a time traveller actually from the 21st century. Knowing her family and the other settlers are in danger of being killed by their enemies, Elvaennia persuades them to return with her to the 21st century, Mark also returns with her, hoping to win her love.
Will Elvaennia find Deimuiss and free him from her rival Caroline’s clutches? Or will she settle down with Steve her television producer, or Julius, the Roman soldier?

Another brilliant review for Birmingham Girls. Birmingham Girls + the sequel Whatever Happened After Birmingham Girls

Birmingham Girls
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Birmingham Girls

This book tells the story of our early lives in Balsall Heath, Birmingham, where we lived in a back-to-back house with our mother. Our father deserted Mom before I was born. She had a desperate struggle bringing us up during and after the war until she remarried.

92+ excellent reviews

Read the sequel Whatever Happened After Birmingham Girls Available from Amazon Kindle

Dancing with Spirits - a love story that spans the centuries @ 28 in supernatural category

Dancing with Spirits

Dancing with Spirits

A love story that spans the centuries. The story begins prehistory at a settlement in Rugeley, Cannock Chase. A young girl, Elvaennia, goes in search of her missing lover. By a freak accident she finds herself in the 21st Century, and quickly discovers her 'lost love' has also time travelled to this century. Determined to find him, she sets out on a journey that leads her to discover that her family back at the settlement face great danger, and she determines to help them. This in turn leads her into the celebrity limelight. She realises that tough decisions will have to be made. Will the temptations of the 21st Century prove too much for Elvaennia and Deimuiss, or will the old ways and values lead them back to the settlement?

A Haunted Past Life (Jen's Story) and a video link

A Haunted Past Life
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Jen’s unhappy life changes forever when she finds herself leading a past life in the 1960s.
She is astonished to discover she is happily married, with a husband and an eight year old daughter.
Jen is suddenly torn from her only daughter and taken back to 1965. Could this be a past life? Is she dreaming?
Trapped and confused, Jen tries to unravel her tormented emotions with newly discovered relationships, living and dead.
Jen is haunted by these two lives but has her spirit guides to reassure her. She needs to make an important decision - Should she stay or should Jen find her way back home again? But how can she possibly leave if she has fallen in love?

Twenty excellent reviews.

The Other Place @ Number 3 i Supernatural Category

The Other Place

The Other Place
A Number 1 Amazon Kindle Best Seller (Supernatural and Reincarnation Category)

Chrissie James is a troubled soul: with family problems, unexplained phobias and a stalker to contend with, she seeks help with a hypnotherapist. Whilst in therapy, Chrissie discovers she has led a past life.
Will living a previous life help Chrissie to discover the truth of what caused her fears and phobias, and will she find out who is stalking her?
The Other Place is a paranormal mystery. Its many twists and turns will keep you guessing to the very end.

Misty Blue
This book is well worth a look for the sheer originality and compassion the author shows in her writing and in her characters.

55 first class reviews. 

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Oh no, no, no, photographs in fiction books. Not the way to go.

I'm reading a newly traditionally published book. It has grainy grey scale photographs at the beginning of some of the chapters. Another novel I read recently had photographs included. I so disliked seeing them. They totally detracted from the story. If I want a book with photographs in I will buy a nonfiction book. Don't publishers realise that readers enjoy using their imagination when reading fiction? Authors paint pictures with words, they create new worlds for us to visit. I for one do not need photographs to illustrate fiction. 
The book I am reading at the moment is set in Scotland and the author creates wonderful descriptions of the imaginary island where she has set her book. I visualised everything she wrote about it. Then I saw the photograph. Ugh. Story spoilt. Maybe it's me but I prefer to use my imagination. I can't see the point of adding photographs.