Monday, 27 February 2017

Embroidered pictures for sale.

Bluebell Wood Embroidery
If you would like to buy a similar embroidery please email me, for details.
The above embroidery is embroidered using freestyle machine embroidery with a little fabric pain added to highlight various areas. 

Bluebell Wood Embroidery 
If you would like to buy a similar embroidery please inbox me for details.
The above embroidery is embroidered using freestyle machine embroidery with a little fabric pain added to highlight various areas.

I will be adding more embroideries shortly.

Monday, 30 January 2017

The Bluebell Wood -Painting and embroidery in progress.

Sorry this one isn't quite straight. I will alter it. I painted it with acrylic paints, and machine embroidered the tree foliage with zig zag stitch, using free style embroidery.
I have to add foliage to the sides of the path and add more bluebells, and greenery on the woodland floor. It will take quite a long time. 

Monday, 2 January 2017

A write up about The Other Place 
An Amazon number 1 best seller in two categories, Supernatural and Reincarnation.
Available from Amazon Kindle and also in paperback

Gripping supernatural mystery, which follows the struggles of a young woman to overcome severe childhood trauma, has inspired its readers to face up to – and conquer – their own demons.
Chrissie James is a troubled soul. Her father deserted her before she was born and her stepfather, Alf, is a jealous man who inflicts terrible mental and physical abuse on Chrissie and her sister, Babs. Chrissie feels trapped inside her own head and is wracked with chronic fears, including claustrophobia. As a result, she is a very lonely child, with the sole exception of her imaginary friend, Amy. With Amy for company, Chrissie slowly begins to put her miserable childhood behind her, growing older and leaving school to find work. But still her fears and her nightmares remain and Chrissie even starts to suffer from random panic attacks.
One day, as a young adult, Chrissie notices a sign advertising a hypnotherapist. On their first meeting, Kitty, the hypnotherapist, immediately recognises Chrissie’s distress and suggests that she may have been tormented in a previous existence. By regressing to that past life, Chrissie hopes to find the source of her problems. While hypnotised, she finds herself living the life of a girl named Emily, who also has an abusive stepfather. Chrissie begins to realise that her imaginary friend, Amy, may in fact be more significant that she could ever have imagined, and could hold the key to helping Chrissie face up to the secret history that haunts her.
The Other Place is an engaging and suspenseful supernatural novel, beginning in 1950s Birmingham and charting the life of its damaged heroine Chrissie over the course of several decades, as she battles to isolate and overcome the fears that plague her. The Other Place has built up a terrific fan following, reaching number one in the Amazon Kindle Best Seller list for Supernatural and Reincarnation titles. Many of Chrissie’s challenges and conditions are inspired by the author, Caroll Arnall’s own experiences, having been blighted by claustrophobia, and at times, sleep disruption and panic attacks. In fact the act of writing this book became therapeutic in itself for Carol, who found that her anxieties began to disappear as she worked with her complex characters through their own healing processes. Readers too have praised The Other Place for inspiring them to confront their most profound problems; many women who have suffered domestic abuse have written to Carol to thank her for helping them to finally vanquish their most painful memories.

About the author
Carol Arnall was born and raised in the slums of Birmingham, where the early chapters of The Other Place is set. Arnall read tarot cards, the crystal ball and practiced psychometry until 1987 when a road traffic accident left her severely injured. Unable to work away from home she dedicated her time to writing, at first recording the many ghost stories she’d collected over the years as a psychic. After having a series of articles published in local newspapers and magazines, Arnall found the confidence to start writing books.
In 2007, Arnall began writing fiction, and has since released five novels. Carol Arnall lives in Staffordshire.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

The Other Time, the sequel to The Other Place, will be published in the summer.

This is a temporary cover!
The sequel to my  best selling novel, The Other Place, will be published July 2017

 The Other Time

Life has been wonderful for Chrissie since marrying the love of her life, Dan Breen, and having two daughters. Her unhappy past is well and truly buried.
However, Chrissie is shocked when she receives a letter from a woman called Joan claiming to be her sister. After meeting Joan, Chrissie’s life spirals out of control; her family deserts her and her company begins to fail. The claustrophobia and panic attacks that once blighted her life return with a vengeance.
Will returning to a past life help Chrissie regain control of her life?
The Other Time
is a story of supernatural happenings, time travel and fractured relationships.

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Another Time, Another Place. Take a peep

 Another Time, Another Place 


Ann leaves home to escape her strict parents but, unfortunately, finds herself in a far worse situation with a controlling boyfriend who is a speaker at the local Spiritualist Church. He makes her life unbearable. Can she find a way to leave him and set up a business teaching tarot cards?
Previous to Ann leaving home she had experienced a time lapse and found herself living a life as a clairvoyant in 1965. Will she discover the reason for her living this past life?

Sue’s husband tragically dies after two weeks of married life. To earn her living, Sue works the psychic fairs as a clairvoyant. She believes in life after death and is desperate to contact her husband through a medium.
A doctor visits her for a tarot card reading but to her dismay he becomes dependent on having readings, almost on a daily basis. At times, Sue feels as if he is taking over her life.
Packed with mystery and intrigue, Another Time, Another Place will hold your interest to the very end.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

The Haunting Of Kate Somner

After a reading from Gary, a clairvoyant, Kate Somner’s life changes forever.
Her husband Ben disappears in unusual circumstances.
She loses her job,her home, and her friends.
As if all the above isn’t bad enough, Kate begins experiencing time slips which take her back to the 1960s. Here, she “sees” Sheila, who is living in the same flat that Kate now lives in. Is there a connection between the two women?
Kate revisits Gary, hoping that he will be able to help her.
Will Gary help Kate find her missing husband?

The House of Psychics

Alone and pregnant after her husband deserts her, Dee Winster vows to make a success of her life.
She starts a psychic consultancy but soon realises that beneath its calm exterior, jealousy and scheming abound.
Dee has a secret she is reluctant to share with anyone—that is until David, a spiritualist medium and past-life therapist, joins her team and befriends her.
Will David prove to be a trustworthy and helpful companion for Dee to share her secret with? Will she solve the problems that threaten to destroy her company?
The House of Psychics is a novel of mystery and intrigue with many unexpected twists and turns.